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2) RUN OUT OF CUBA BY GUN BOAT - Capt. Ron chased out of Cuba, by Cuban Costa Garda boat in terrible weather.
3) LIGHTNING STRIKES ("I am bloody alright, he sputtered") - in Pacific off coast of Costa Rica on the way to Tahita. See water color of rain forest such as seen in Costa Rica by Chad Chrysler.
4) MORDITA - "THE BITE" - In Cozemul - Yucatan, Mexico & DANCING WITH MORDITA IN ISLA MUJERES - More of above in most exciting island (for a sailor) off Mexico. No self-respecting sailor would go nearby Cancun - "The Tongue of the Devil"!.
5) BIOLUMINESCENCE - Lit from Within - Fireflies of the Sea - see last illustration.
6) GORILLAS OR GUERILLAS - Capt. Ron is a little confused but a sailor going to hunt one of them is never seen again!.
7) GREEN FLASH - Elusive or Illusive? (See Illustration).
8) KILLER AND OTHER WHALE STORIES - Killers in the Gulfstream!.
9) LIGHTHOUSES THAT OPERATE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY - Only three left in world with two in nearby Bahamas! Can you imagine not having electricity in your home? These lights can be seen for vital navigation for 25 miles away - how?.
10) THE SUN - A POOR MAN'S BLANKET - Three straight years of celebrating Christmas anchored off a deserted island - no stores to buy from! Read how Captain Ron describes why these were the best Christmases of his life.
If you liked the movie "Captain Ron", you will love this book! "Sometime hilarious, sometime poignant, always interesting!" Gary Bowman (Delivery Captain)... "I could not put it down, I want more of Capt. Ron's stories." says (Pearl Hayman (Veteran World Cruising Sailor)
Shirley Wright wrote: "Wonderful stories with great illustrations!"
"Please keep on writing. For those of us locked into land your writings are freedom and release of our spirit to soar. God Bless You and thanks for the book." This may be the last handmade book of this subject, as it takes too many hours to put it together. Future copies will be professionally published and/or printed and will cost more...........and not be as collectible.
swell person to deal with, good writer too!
NEW WEBSITE - Capt. Ron says check it out! Also, this website can be reached at &! In joy, captron. This website is under construction to be a store online, and with use of paypal can be used as one now! Use yahoo search engine for best results, as domain names were purchased there.
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Favorite Mantra to Help Pray Without Ceasing

Dear Kit and Brian (and other Beings who I really respect),
Most all of my family, coworkers and neighbors think differently from myself. So I find that, I have to watch what I say, in order to keep peace. Last week, I wrote Brian how much he inspired me, when I lived, in Calitornia with his days of silence. Brian would wear a name tag declaring your "silence day", or what specifically, Brian, was the phrase that you used on the tag?
Kit, from our Unity church here in S.C. asked for favorite mantras in newsletter recently, so here is one of mine to keep myself more silent and more aware: Need say nothing. This is adapted from a favorite ACIM quote which has helped me in stressful situations: Need do nothing. And then the other day, I found this quote from Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet which to me says it all about compulsive talking:
And then a scholar said, Speak of Talking
And he answered,. saying:
You talk when you cease to be at peace
with your thoughts;
And when you can no longer dwell
in the solitude of your heart, you live
in your lips, and sound is a diversion and
a pastime.
And in much of your talking, thinking is half-murdered.
For thought is a bird of space,
that in a cage of words may indeed unfold
its wings but cannot fly.

In gratitude for peaceful silence, Ron
ironically, as I sit hear listening to some good loud music!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

AHOY MATE! Enjoy PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN? Try my Pirates and Shipwrecks book - bidding is almost over!

Then you will love my book Pirates & Shipwrecks of the Graveyard. True illustrated stories of Pirates & Shipwrecks off the Outer Banks of North Carolina (The Graveyard of the Atlantic). Blackbeard, Ann Bonny & Mary Read, Calico Jack (Ann & Mary's beau and mentor)Stede Bonnet (similar to Capt. Jack Sparrow), When the Royalist Pirates from Charleston raided the small port of Beaufort, N.C. after the Revolutionary War was considered over. Otway Burns, a very successful privateer from War of 1812, who may have turned to piracy. Did he capture Aaron Burr's daughter Theodosia. Read about the fabulous Theodosia, Meriweather Lewis's flame who rejected him to marry a rich planter from South Carolina, and how she tried to help her Father become Emporer of Mexico. And then how she used Meriweather Lewis to keep him from being convicted for treason. Read about her mysterious disappearance off Cape Hatteras in 1812. Was it Otway Burns, and did he take Meriweather Lewis's place as her true love?
Read about the worst pirates ever in the Graveyard......the Nazi u-booters who sank over 170 boats in the Graveyard alone. How did they get away with it, sinking many before war was declared against them?
Read firsthand account interviews with Outer Banks natives who grew up with the burning boats sinking just offshore and many bodies washing ashore, and with Nazi threatening notes mysteriously appearing posted in their little villages. Read about the association of the Devil's triangle with the Graveyard and how one little boy found God there in the midst of all the Nazi sinkings. Read about the last baby born on Cape Lookout, the Southern most of the Outer Banks, and how her Coast Guard family survived the Nazi sub invasion. You will enjoy the stories and all the great illustrations.